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Announcing my first Python package, "three"!

Three months ago I started a simple and silly weekend project - three.py, a repo focusing on the greatness of the number 3. Eager to try something new, I bundled it as a python package and submitted it to PyPi (the Python Package Index). I was excited, but also stumped on what else to add. As a result, the project laid dormant for months without any commits - collecting dust and cobwebs. However, all that changed with Hacktoberfest 2020!

Inspired by all the great open source contributions I was seeing, I decided to create a “call to action” issue for three.py. It included the labels “hacktoberfest”, “good first issue”, and “help wanted”. I figured I would be lucky to get one Pull Request for the month. To my disbelief, in less than 2 hours, several developers - all more creative than me - began submitting awesome Pull Requests!

I am blown away by the support my goofy little project is getting. I am having a ton of fun reviewing PRs and learning new python code. I encourage anyone who has an open source project to promote it! You might be surprised to see others wanting to help out and grow together.

Feel free to check out the project here or here!