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HackTheBox: Legacy Writeup

Legacy is a HackTheBox machine focused on exploiting a Windows target.


Let’s get this party started with an nmap scan:

$ nmap -sV -sC -T4 -Pn -oN nmap_scan.txt
Nmap scan report for
Host is up (0.14s latency).
Not shown: 997 filtered ports
139/tcp  open   netbios-ssn   Microsoft Windows netbios-ssn
445/tcp  open   microsoft-ds  Windows XP microsoft-ds
3389/tcp closed ms-wbt-server
Service Info: OSs: Windows, Windows XP; CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows,

Host script results:
|_clock-skew: mean: 5d00h31m18s, deviation: 2h07m16s, median: 4d23h01m18s
| nbstat: NetBIOS name: LEGACY, NetBIOS user: <unknown>, NetBIOS MAC:
00:50:56:b9:1f:44 (VMware)
| Names:
|   LEGACY<00>           Flags: <unique><active>
|   HTB<00>              Flags: <group><active>
|   LEGACY<20>           Flags: <unique><active>
|   HTB<1e>              Flags: <group><active>
|   HTB<1d>              Flags: <unique><active>
|_  \x01\x02__MSBROWSE__\x02<01>  Flags: <group><active>
| smb-os-discovery: 
|   OS: Windows XP (Windows 2000 LAN Manager)
|   OS CPE: cpe:/o:microsoft:windows_xp::-
|   Computer name: legacy
|   NetBIOS computer name: LEGACY\x00
|   Workgroup: HTB\x00
|_  System time: 2021-03-29T20:08:14+03:00
| smb-security-mode: 
|   account_used: <blank>
|   authentication_level: user
|   challenge_response: supported
|_  message_signing: disabled (dangerous, but default)
|_smb2-time: Protocol negotiation failed (SMB2)

Read data files from: /usr/bin/../share/nmap

We see that ports 139 and 445 are open. These are typically used for SMB/Samba. The scripts ran also tell us that it is running SMB2 (service pack version 2).

Let’s fire up metasploit to search for an exploit.

Initial Foothold

We know the target is a Windows box running SMB. I wanted to check if the target was vulnerable to eternalblue, since that is a well-known Windows exploit.

So I ran an auxiliary scanner to test:

scan results

Despite the scanner saying that this target is vulnerable, the actual exploit failed. This is because eternalblue only works on 64-bit operating systems and our target is a 32-bit operating system.

Moving on, I tried the ms08_067_netapi exploit and was able to get a meterpreter shell.


Finding user.txt

From here, finding the user.txt flag is as simple as searching around the filesystem for the user’s home folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\john\Desktop>dir
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is 54BF-723B

 Directory of C:\Documents and Settings\john\Desktop

16/03/2017  09:19     <DIR>          .
16/03/2017  09:19     <DIR>          ..
16/03/2017  09:19                 32 user.txt
               1 File(s)             32 bytes
               2 Dir(s)   6.297.669.632 bytes free

Privilege Escalation

No need! We are already the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. This user already has full access to everything on the system.

Check this with the getuid command in meterpreter.

meterpreter > getuid
Server username: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM

The root.txt flag is in the Administrator’s Desktop:

meterpreter > ls Administrator/Desktop
Listing: Administrator/Desktop

Mode              Size  Type  Last modified              Name
----              ----  ----  -------------              ----
100444/r--r--r--  32    fil   2017-03-16 02:18:19 -0400  root.txt

Concluding Thoughts

Legacy was a quick room since I was already familiar with the ms08_067_netapi exploitation method. Overall, it was nice practice and a confidence booster.

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