Jason Turley's Website

Switching to Hugo

Recently I switched my site from Wordpress to Hugo. This was a big shift but thankfully the Hugo website has good documentation on migrating from Wordpress. In this post I will talk less about how I switched and more about why I switched.

My website philosophy

I think sharing my website philosophy will help give clear insights on to why I made the switch:

What I like about Hugo

Todo list for the future

Here are some things I am excited to add soon:

Weird issues

I ran into the following error when deploying my Hugo site on my remote ubuntu server:

found no layout file for "HTML" for kind "term": You should create a template
file which matches Hugo Layouts Lookup Rules for this combination.

After much turmoil, I found that the root cause was that none of my theme’s layout code was pulled from GitHub! For whatever reason my git pull command ignored that directory completely. After issuing another git pull the error was fixed. Weird.

Final thoughts

Overall, Hugo was rather straight forward to learn. I saved a lot of time by already knowing Markdown and git. The documentation on the Hugo website was a big help. Most of my issues came from not really understanding Nginx well enough. But, I learned from my mistakes and am a better developer because of it!