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Hey, all. This post is to document some of my favorite content creators in the computer science and information security realm. For each creator listed, I’ll provide links to their main platforms as well as my favorite content pieces from them.

I will continue to update this post over time with more great content creators, so be sure to come back soon!


Julia Evans

Reading her content is what motivated me to start blogging in the first place! I love her “things I’ve learned recently” style of writing and attempt to emulate that here. She mainly blogs about systems programming and networking, with blogging and career advice sprinkled in as well.

Julia is also the owner and creator of Wizard Zines - short, adorable comic strips teaching technical topics!

Recommended Reads

Matt Might

Matt Might is a computer scientist, biologist, educator, and public health administrator (wow!). He writes about a myriad of things but I primarily read his computer science related blogs.

Dan Luu

I was a wee undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign when I first encountered Dan’s work. My systems programming professor tasked us with implementing our own version of malloc and Dan’s Malloc tutorial was an invaluable resource. He blogs about underrepresented technical topics that I believe all computer science students would enjoy reading.

Recommended Reads


John Hammond

John Hammond is a security researcher, CTF player, and has Seth Rogan’s voice. He creates videos on CTF writeups, programming tutorials, cyber security interviews, malware analysis, and more. John is ALWAYS super cheeful and engaging in his videos. Additionally, he’s who got me started on TryHackMe.

Recommended Watches


The man who got me into hacking in the first place. LiveOverflow makes excellent cyber security educational videos on everything from web hacking to binary exploitation. His videos are high quality and get very technical. A must watch for any CTF players reading this.

Recommended Watches

Neal Bridges

Neal is an Air Force veteran with decades of experience in cyber ops and leadership. Currently the Chief Content Officer at INE and host of the popular CyberInsecurity Stream.

He offers a wealth of knowledge on getting into cyber security, career advice, free resources to study, interviews with highly successful cyber folk, and more!

Recommended Watches

Heath Adams

Aka The Cyber Mentor, Heath Adams is an Army Veteram and founder of TCM Security - a cybersecurity company focused on providing top of the line penetration testing, security training, and compliance services.

Heath has several top notch courses on penetration testing and network security and regularly offers generous discounts on his Twitter and Discord.

Recommended Watches