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picoCTF 2019 - Insp3ct0r writeup

Description: Kishor Balan tipped us off that the following code may need inspection: https://jupiter.challenges.picoctf.org/problem/41511/ or link


Points: 50


One way to solve this challenge is by inspecting the source code of the three sites: index.html, mycss.css, and myjs.js. This can be done by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I or Ctrl+U in the web browser. The flag is divided into three parts in the comments of each page.

An alternate, more fun solution is to write a bash script to do this automatically :)

Here’s the source code for the script I wrote:

# The flag for this level is split amongst three webpages. I curl each of them and parse out the flag

curl --silent "https://jupiter.challenges.picoctf.org/problem/41511/{,mycss.css,myjs.js}" | grep flag | cut -d : -f 2 | awk '{print $1}'

And here’s the script in action:

$ ./get-flag.sh 

Maybe in the future I’ll clean it up so the text is all on one line…